I miss my friend…

And she is heartbroken, she´ll tell you a little about it, and laugh… and you can hold her hand, offer her your shoulder, but she is heartbroken…

She says she doesn´t understand why she still feels, it´s been so long… she said she had never been in love before.

I see her and tell her to move on, she’ll be happier that way, she is so pretty and intelligent, she can always make me laugh and I love her. It kills me to see her like this.

She says you can’t see the pain, you can’t feel where it comes from, and sometimes, some days she feels like new, and others, she walks around with her heart in her hand, but she won´t show it to you, she feels so ashamed, so she´ll make you laugh and ask about your day.

I see it in her eyes, the shine is still there, I know she´ll get through this. I also know that there are no words to comfort her, no actions to heal. I just sit by her, and hold her hand.

Let’s take a walk in the rain, let’s have a parade. Sing my friend, this is your day. I know your heart is broken, I’m sorry it did, and I miss you being so happy, and I miss you being in love. And I wish you a new chapter and new light.

So let’s have a picnic and celebrate your un-birthday, let’s make new memories and dance. I’ll bring the chocolate you bring the songs.

Let’s take a trip to the zoo and see the monkeys shriek, I’ll buy you and ice cream.

Let’s fly a kite

let’s fly away with the kite…

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1 Response to I miss my friend…

  1. Daniella says:

    que lindo…

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