A very special story

My student wrote this story and I am very proud of her…

The shit car

Daniela Dorantes

It was a dark night; I was driving my car on the road when my wife shouted because she wanted to go to the bathroom. I thought she had diarrhea, so I drove faster. I didn’t want her to mess my new car. We arrived to the gas station and while she was running, I was checking out the place. I discovered that we were at Comala, Pedro Paramo’s town, I was scared and when my wife came back, we went back to my car. I was driving so fast, my stomach was tense and my body was trembling. We couldn’t leave Comala, there was a supreme power that stopped us in the stupid town. While I was driving in circles around Comala, I saw a man with a knife. My wife shouted louder, and I didn’t know what to do. She said that we had to go but I couldn’t find the right way. Finally, I crashed against a tree and then I made a shit in the car.

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