Another year

My dear moon,

My angels never left, I just couldn’t see them anymore, I let painful things close my eyes. They were there, the whole time, and they are here reading over my shoulder, reading how I rewrite this sentence over and over again. I know they are there. Thank you for being here.

They were here this whole year, smiling, loving, laughing, crying and holding me.

It’s nice to have someone rooting for the home team.

You were there, my moon, constant and luminous. A dinner on the moon, shiny eyes and emotion.

You were there, the first good bye, when the night was over and it was time to go home, you were there for the last good bye too… but I was already home; it felt that part of my home left that night. It still feels that way. So I’ll send my angels with a message, let them bounce it off the moon.

None the less, there is the promise; somewhere in my heart I can feel it.

Telephone shoes, marriage proposals, a trip, two trips, martinis, cherries, chocolate, pizza, beers, friends, sister, brother, so much laughter and happiness, love just love. Music, songs, song dedications, kisses, love. Graduation, a prom, the best prom, with the best friend, a promotion, a job well done… Friends forever, this I know… A last kiss, too many goodbyes are not good for the heart; arms and wings help to heal.

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