We all want to be picked by the person our hearts pick

We all want to be picked by the person we pick

Coming to the understanding that our heart doesn’t seek this reciprocity when choosing may just be one of the hardest things that we deal with in our lives.

Loss of people, in every sense is the greatest pain we will ever know. It’s the loss that burdens us, because really, the rest passes with the right solution; a better job, a plumber or a mechanic. Things of the heart are not that easily mended.

It’s not like we humans don’t try to fix it… with grand gestures, replacement or attempt of replacement, some even go to the extent of promising to themselves they will never love again.

The funny thing is, we always do… whether we admit to it or not.

It is, after all, the human condition to find that person who understands us and wants to be a witness to our lives, someone to make love to, someone to hold when the day is not going that well, and nighttime is far. Always in search of or at least hoping that that unconditional being, that reciprocates you, that makes your fantasies come alive or joins you in them. Some say they will accept it if it comes, others are more honest and say, my life will not be complete if I don’t share it.

So, as a friend told me, the capitalist part of us is taking control of the heart. If it’s too hard, it’s not worth it, if it doesn’t work, take it back, exchange it. Hold on to your receipt because it can get messy. Hope you didn’t pay credit, you don’t want to get a bad credit report.

So your heart picked and your in, your in for the long run, in it until the heart gives up. The roads that are before us are hard to walk down, that doesn’t mean we won’t do it.

Coming to accept that life is life, as another good friend repeats to me, is harder when you know in your heart that it could be so much better.

When it comes to moving on, there are no laws, no absolutes. Almita, a pill would make it all go away, Arreola would be proud, market it, put it on a shelf and sell it on e-bay, a magic pill that takes the tummy aches away, and prevents the tears from rolling down. Wake up and appreciate it all as a nice dream. Buy today, at the incomparable price of 29.99… aren’t your peace of mind and heart worth it?

The other side of the coin, the more idealistic side reminds me of the unique bond I hold if my heart is still in it. This is so strange, because there is actually nothing to hold on to, but letting go of this nothing means the difference between feeling the connection and not. What is left after the love affaire but the yearning sensation, this is what is left… a take it or leave it scenario…

Chuck it up to growing pains and experiences that make us more savvy… the question is… if I could do it again…would I?

One always loves again, and as constant as the sun shines every morning, people love again.

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2 Responses to We all want to be picked by the person our hearts pick

  1. Gabriel says:

    ¿Sabes? Me da mucha flojera pensar en eso en este momento… lo noté luego de tu clara y distinta respuesta en el messenger… no estoy en condiciones.
    Te aprecio, pienso que muy guapa.
    Es mejor diga esa clase de cosas ¿no?

  2. Fausto says:

    El que no arriesga no gana siempre ha sido mi filosofia y sobre todo saber diferenciar entre el capitalismo del trabajo,negocios etc y la realidad de los sentimientos. My heart is for my family and girl; my balls and brain is for the business. Fellings are NOT by far, close to the business. Preferible estar colorado una vez, a estar verde toda tu vida. Yo tomaria el riesgo de amar otra vez

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