I have a fever, fever fever fever
feels very much baaad,
my joints hurt
my head hurts
I’m melting into my bed, yet I’m pretty cold… yep… pretty cold
Fever fever fever
little rascals jumping into my head, frogs, and dogs, mmmmm, frogs and dogs
rascals, funny little rascals… no no no!! little mosquitoooo don0t suck my blood!!n you’ll surely die after or perhaps I’ll inhale you and send you to a death so terrible…. I cannot say more…
good night inferno of mine…good night
good night moon, good night rum in a plum, good night bunny in the basket, good night forggy in my heart, good night reading chair and good night too many pillows on my bed. Good night imaginary friends and monsters under my bed…
Good night temporary illness and good night pictures of you… good night favorite sweater and guitar and painbrushes. Oh.. goodnight ballet slippers, I couldn’t forget you… good night Maga and Rocamandour, Reyes malditos and Little women
Good night fever that will keep me warm till morning
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