How long is too long???

I was just wondering… while torturing myself with ridiculous movies in which middle aged women fall in love after having given up on falling in love…. is that how long I will wait?? I dunno.. don´t care much, just perplexed over the very real posibility that I am waiting for something that is just not meant to happen to me… Now, I’m not complaining… my life is wonderful… family, friends… I don’t need anything else… I’m just wondering.
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2 Responses to How long is too long???

  1. Rubén Alberto says:

    Just to continue wondering…If you think the situation of middle age women in those movies is a model for women and you see it with \’desespoir\’. Just imagine the case for men when they read \’El amor en los tiempos del côlera\’. Not to optimistic either, but must make you feel better anyway.Bon courage!Rubén

  2. Avena says:

    It´s curious to write this four years later and say: it happened once to me, it was real… 🙂 What can I say, romantics say they believe… but I didn\’t really start believing until it happened to me. How wonderful to look back and say, I once loved and was loved that way.

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