Sumpin’ Sweet

I love when he says: “Eres un bebé” and “Soy un superoeroe”

I dream of him and anxiously wait for his visit every week.

He can stuff his face with sweets and turn his nose up to, well nothing, except bananas. He really hates bananas.

He is a super hero, and promises to take care of me; defend me from evil forces.

I love his so much, I love him with all my heart.

I hope to have him in my life forever. He is the only man I am head over heals for, litterally, at his command.

My heart aches when his tummy hurts and when he pouts.

I just adore my little Kaquie

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1 Response to Sumpin’ Sweet

  1. Rubén Alberto says:

    Allo Renée!Je viens de voir ton site perso en MSN. je l\’aimé. Tu as des photos numeriques très interesantes d\’Acapulco jaja. Et tes blogs sont bien sûr poétiques comme je ne savais pas que tu est.A +! =)

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